Your Performance Voice Workshop


Elizabeth F. Knotts, MS, CCC-SLP

Do you sometimes get hoarse or lose your voice after a performance? Do you find that sometimes you get breathless while on stage? These are just a few of the many common job-related challenges that magicians experience that can be avoided by using proper vocal and breathing techniques. Elizabeth Knotts, Speech Pathologist at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia, is a performer herself and really understands these challenges. She specializes in vocal therapy and is offering magicians this small group workshop to help overcome vocal issues and improve their performance voice and vocal health, both on and off stage.

Elizabeth’s 3-hour workshop will include:

     1. How to do vocal warmups to get your voice in a healthy place before you perform

     2. How to breath properly, on and off stage

     3. How to improve the quality of your voice – “how your sound sounds”

     4. How to project your voice, without straining/damaging your vocal cords

     5. How to speak clearly so that you can be easily understood while performing

     6. How to pace your speaking so that your audience can understand you

     7. How to massage your throat area to relieve muscle tension and discomfort after a performance

The minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 6 participants allows for interactive group exercises during the workshop as well as individualized therapy to each participant by Elizabeth. This workshop is made possible through a partnership of Magical Healing and Smoke & Mirrors Theater.

When : Monday, January 13, 2020 (snow date: Monday, January 20, 2020)

Time:  1pm – 4pm

Where : Smoke & Mirrors Theater, 2840 Pine Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Smoke & Mirrors Website

Cost : $120 per person

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Upon registration, Magical Healing will forward a questionnaire, which we ask you to complete and return 5 days prior to the workshop so that Elizabeth can do a preliminary assessment of each participant’s vocal concerns. For more information or if you have any questions regarding this workshop, contact us at:

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  • The Magical Healing Program was so unique and so special and so different from anything that we have ever done. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Paul, and to have brought this program to our Y. There’s sports, there’s extra-curricular, and then there’s Magical Healing.
    -BreAnne Law, Lakeland Hills YMCA Community Services Director
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  • It fit with what my wife and I are trying to do with Nicole, bringing her up, teaching her to give back to the community. I was filled with a lot of pride watching my daughter go from a little girl to a young woman.
    -Gregory Lindmeyer, father of 9-year-old, Nicole
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  • I told her tonight that this was my proudest moment. And she’s a great student and a great athlete, but I told her, ‘This was my proudest moment seeing you do this tonight.
    -Lisa Heiblim, mother of 16-year-old, Riley
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  • It was awesome. It made me feel blessed.
    -Resident, Homeless Solutions
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  • If you’re a parent considering this program, realize this is something they will carry with them through their lives.
    -Michael Prince, father of 14-year-old, Larisa Prince
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