“Magic is done with our hands.
Magical Healing is done with our hearts”

Paul Cohen/President

Empowering our youth to perform the timeless art of magic to entertain veterans, hospitalized children, seniors, and struggling families. The young magicians experience themselves as people who make a powerful difference, uplifting everyone they touch with magic, wonderment and joy.

See the miracle of Magical Healing in this short video.

Not your average magic show!

Magical healing is a win-win experience
that transforms lives.

For the students, it may be the first time they’ve
performed or even spoken in front of a live
audience. Quite often, it’s also the first time they
experience being a contribution to others.

It’s something extraordinary that
positively shapes their future.

Seeing is believing!

On the other side of the magic, audiences experience an undeniable joy. The performance is a welcomed escape from the concerns of their everyday circumstances. Knowing the students have worked so hard to perform just for them provides an instant connection and appreciation that they’ll never forget. Time stands still, and their seemingly hopeless challenges disappear.

But the magic doesn’t end there.
In fact, it’s just the beginning!

For the students it extends far beyond the performance itself. As they connect with the audience, they also connect to their self-confidence and self-expression right there in the moment. As a result, the audience isn’t just entertained, they’re awe-inspired.

Click the magic hat to discover the opportunity for Magical Healing students.


For donors and organizations interested in hosting a Magical Healing program or performance, providing that incredible opportunity is an endless gift that shines a light on what’s possible when we allow the generosity of the human spirit into our lives. And, of course, it’s so much fun!


“I got me a magic coin – a disappearing one. You can disappear with it! …it made me feel nice.”

– Zahir

“When I came to the program tonight, I was feeling a little somber due to our situation. Then when I saw his face all happy and smiling, I really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

– Zahir’s mother and Homeless Solutions resident



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  • The Magical Healing Program was so unique and so special and so different from anything that we have ever done. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Paul, and to have brought this program to our Y. There’s sports, there’s extra-curricular, and then there’s Magical Healing.
    -BreAnne Law, Lakeland Hills YMCA Community Services Director
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  • It fit with what my wife and I are trying to do with Nicole, bringing her up, teaching her to give back to the community. I was filled with a lot of pride watching my daughter go from a little girl to a young woman.
    -Gregory Lindmeyer, father of 9-year-old, Nicole
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  • I told her tonight that this was my proudest moment. And she’s a great student and a great athlete, but I told her, ‘This was my proudest moment seeing you do this tonight.
    -Lisa Heiblim, mother of 16-year-old, Riley
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  • It was awesome. It made me feel blessed.
    -Resident, Homeless Solutions
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  • If you’re a parent considering this program, realize this is something they will carry with them through their lives.
    -Michael Prince, father of 14-year-old, Larisa Prince
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