Magical Healing has made a difference for so many. See for yourself as those impacted describe the experience in their own words!

See what students and parents are saying
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See what audiences and administrators are
saying about Magical Healing!

The Magical Healing Program was so unique and so special and so different from anything that we have ever done. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Paul, and to have brought this program to our Youth. There’s sports, there’s extra-curricular, and then there’s Magical Healing.

-BreAnne Law, Lakeland Hills YMCA Community Services Director

It fit with what my wife and I are trying to do with Nicole, bringing her up, teaching her to give back to the community. I was filled with a lot of pride watching my daughter go from a little girl to a young woman.

-Gregory Lindmeyer, father of 9-year-old, Nicole

It was awesome. It made me feel blessed.

-Resident, Homeless Solutions

I told her tonight that this was my proudest moment. And she’s a great student and a great athlete, but I told her, ‘This was my proudest moment seeing you do this tonight.’

-Lisa Heiblim, mother of 16-year-old, Riley

If you’re a parent considering this program, realize this is something they will carry with them through their lives.

-Michael Prince, father of 14-year-old, Larisa Prince

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