Share your Passion.
Make a Difference!

Becoming a Magic Director lets you bring your love of magic to young students, who then share their newfound skills with communities in need. We can’t think of a more rewarding way to give back. Come join us!

Magic Directors are the very special people who teach students and facilitate Magical Healing’s programs. Sharing your talents and skills as a magician is one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences you’ll ever have.

Being the example. Your commitment to training the students reinforces our mission of giving back. It all comes to fruition in their live performance, as they share the skills learned under your guidance with those less fortunate. It’s a beautiful cycle of humanity. The generosity of the human spirit is forever cemented in their life experience—and in yours.

Keeping the magic alive.

You can play a pivotal role in elevating our beloved art form of magic and illusions from a place of personal interest and entertainment to a vehicle for connection and self-expression for others.

Working with our students allows you to share your love and passion of magic with a new generation eager and excited to learn what you have to teach. Your love of magic becomes theirs—and it’s forever embedded in who they are.

The future of Magical Healing needs YOU!

As we look to expand, we’ll need the support of talented magicians to meet the demand of new programs. Prospective Directors start by attending Magical Healing Programs so they can experience the work we do first-hand.

We view this work as a privilege and an opportunity, and we look forward to partnering with the most generous, friendly and talented magicians out there. If you embody these qualities and your commitment to giving back is as strong as your commitment to the craft of magic, don’t wait another minute…


Whether you’re a working professional, semi-professional, or retired magician, we invite you to
join our group of Magic Makers!