A Living Legacy

Our mission is to continue expanding the circle of love and joy my mother so graciously created with every life she touched.

-Paul Cohen

A Mother's Gift.

A few years back, while comforting his mom, Arlene, in the hospital as she battled cancer, Paul

bought a basic magic set and started performing tricks for her and the other patients.

And as he looked into their eyes, he realized something:

In that moment of wonderment, they were no longer in their beds, or 

their wheelchairs, or their hospital rooms. They were somewhere else—

somewhere magical and uplifted!

It was so moving to discover that simple illusions could transport someone from a place

of worry to a place of wonder. It was in that moment of inspiration that Magical Healing was born.

As they created this incredible vision together, Paul promised his mother it would reach fruition.

A few hours later her Soul moved on.

The Start of Something MAGICAL!


The Magical Healing Program teaches school-age students to confidently perform the art of magic and illusions for seniors, struggling families, and underprivileged children. The gift of performance is matched only by the gift of seeing the profound difference their performance has made on those in need of a little attention, awe, and relief from difficult circumstances.

The transformation is palpable as the student magicians acquire the confidence to
command a room, connect, and bring joy and wonderment to their audience. Left with the
experience that they’ve touched the life of another human being, the student magicians
view the world in a new way. The transformation that occurs is priceless.

Discover the impact Magical Healing has on students in this short video!


A Unique Vision

Magical Healing’s vision is two-fold:

To use magic to uplift
communities in need with a sense of freedom, fun,
and wonderment.

To create a life of
meaning and purpose
for our youth.

Our long-term commitment is to offer Magical Healing programs in schools, Boy and Girl
Scouts, YMCA’s, Key Clubs, and other youth organizations across the country. Programs
are currently held in New Jersey, though we encourage anyone interested in partnering to
create or host events or programs in the New York City or Pennsylvania
areas to contact us.

Our intention is to connect with, uplift, and entertain people, young and old, who could
use some Magical Healing in their lives—and in the process, provide life lessons in
gratitude and contribution for our future leaders nationwide.

This partnership is an absolute WIN FOR ALL!

Students experience the gift of giving to those less fortunate through their newfound skill and self‑expression, while audiences experience instant entertainment, laughter, and magic miracles! At the same time, event hosts and Magical Healing Directors get to witness that beautiful connection unfold right before their eyes.

To inquire about hosting a Magical Healing Program for your youth organization
or if you’re interested in having Magical Healing perform for your institution, CALL NOW!


To sponsor a Magical Healing student, just click below! You can also host a Magical Healing fundraiser! There are many ways to show your support and you’ll be making a direct
and ongoing difference in the lives of so many.

We look forward to sharing incredible events and opportunities with you as the adventure of this heartfelt vision continues to manifest.