See how by simply hosting a fun, fabulous event, you can change lives!

We’re putting the FUN in FUNDRAISING!
So, gather ’round everyone—it’s time to make some magic!

Grab your phone and calendar, and start dialing! Invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers—and anyone else in your world—to experience an event unlike anything they’ve seen before. We can promise fun, fresh entertainment, a lot of laughter, and of course—MAGIC! To top it all off, 100% of proceeds you raise will support Magical Healing’s mission to spread love and light to seniors and struggling families.

How It Works


Invite a group of friends and family for a donation-based dinner or cocktail party that will surpass expectations and cement a permanent place in their memory bank. We suggest you pre-sell tickets for a predetermined donation amount.
We’ll feature a short video presentation about the inspiring work Magical Healing does.
Enjoy an incredible private performance with one of our professional magicians that will knock your (and your guests’) socks off!
Support Magical Healing students by submitting your generous donations. If you’ve accepted pre-sold donations, you may want to offer an opportunity for your guests to contribute above and beyond their initial donation, now that they get the impact Magical Healing has on the world.

All funds will directly support the mission of Magical Healing and
YOU will be the STAR!!! We’ll customize your event to meet your needs—
from providing the magicians to curating the perfect space.

To host a MAGICAL FUNDRAISER, please contact Executive Director, Paul Cohen at
201-669-6942 and start creating your event today!

Wondering what’s possible? Get inspired with a look at some of our most popular events:

Call your friends and family—and tell them to call a sitter! Our illusionists will turn your next “catch-up-over-cocktails”, intimate dinner party, or singles night into a mind-blowing bash that will have you wondering,”how in the world did they do that?”

This event includes everyone under the sun—kids, adults, family, friends, and everyone between the ages of 6 and 106! Be sure to bring your camera so you capture all the hilarity and reminisce about it for years to come.

Maybe your goal is purely providing lighthearted entertainment for your next company outing or promotional event. Or, perhaps you’d like to present a taste of the philanthropic opportunity that exists in partnering with Magical Healing to your corporate community. Whatever your motivation for magic, we’ll work with you to create the perfect partnership.

Suitable for ages 4+, this event delivers the same amount of fun in age-appropriate doses. But don’t worry, adults will be entertained just as much as the kids!

This formal, black tie optional event is a fun way to dress for the occasion—all things magic! Held in your private home or in a restaurant or event space of your choosing, this special magic show includes more extensive one-on-one interaction and an upscale vibe that exudes elegance while driving home the magic behind our mission. Our entertainment team will support you in arranging all the details!

Paul Cohen, Founder and Executive Director of Magical Healing, will gladly speak at your organization’s next event. The experience will be both inspirational and entertaining!